What is a Business Plan?

What you need to know is how to improve your business plan as an important part in making your success. The purpose is to prepare you before starting your own virtual business.

Your imagination has the ability to form a mental image that is perceived by the five senses and your feelings. Your mind can develop the ability to think about the past, present and the future. What does this mean for you? It means it can help you make a mind map of what type and kind of business you want to build and grow. It will give you a different perspective rather than comply with the business plan.

The purpose of this exercise is to improve your self-perception and discover a part of yourself that you can use to your advantage. What is important is your attitude towards your success. Consider taking a few minutes to develop this power and learn how to work with it. Find a quiet place, get a piece of paper and answer the questions.

The first five questions to ask:

1.) What inspires you today?

2.) What drives you to do the things you like every day?

3.) Do you like routine work? Why?

4.) What would be your dream daily schedule?

5.) What are your passions? Select one and explain why.

The next five questions ask about your business.

6.) What do you do not like about being a boss of your own business?

7.) Do you have a niche? If Yes, describe your niche. If No, list your possible business niche.

8.) How do you view success within your business?

9.) Who is your target market?

10.) What is your purpose to build your business?

The last question asks you about your direction. Here I am encouraging you to create a mind map.

11.) Create a mind map of how should your business model run. Use this free tool.

With the right questions and mindset, your business plan can go a long way. Never forget that any business plan needs to adapt to certain circumstances. Like knowing your competition and filling the need. One last advice, do your research before spending any money.

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