Top 15 Virtual Assistant Niche You Can Identify Yourself

Learning how to find your virtual assistant niche can be confusing. Some started being a general assistant and some figure out what they really want to do based on their experience. The way how the industry labels someone without niche falls into the general category. You should understand that tasks they do like data entry and secretarial tasks. Not everyone can do this.

There are vast opportunities for freelancers to learn special skills for a specific industry. It is not good to focus on one particular niche. That is why you need to learn how to target your skills to the business you want to be associated. Choosing your virtual assistant niche will get your more clients and make more money.

How do you do that? Let us first identify the different virtual assistant niche.

1.) Audio Transcription – is a service which converts speech (live or recorded) into written document. It also comes in audio translating from a different language into English.

2.) Event planning – covers from small business events to large corporations. Weddings and parties are also considered a great start for professionals who have experience in this field.

3.) Financial – this category includes bookkeepers, financial consultants, accountants and financial planners.

4.) Real Estate – the job varies from the administrative side of the business, online marketing and sales support side.

5.) Social Media – we call them social media consultants and experts. They handle most of the social media marketing and strategy to increase the online visibility of their clients. Most companies hire a social media virtual assistant. Others use a full-time social media manager.

6.) E-commerce – Online stores needs a lot of tasks to fulfill especially when it comes to orders and customer service. This category covers order processing, return/exchanges, manage inventory, order products, website maintenance, press releases and handling back office support.

7.) Medical – this area requires that you should have a medical degree and experience. The job entails you to do administrative work, electronic medical record management, medical transcription, research and reporting, medical data mining and analysis, social media marketing and website maintenance.

8.) Content Writer – This specialized area requires writers who have the ability to write content from people to small and large companies. They produce content for blog with SEO, product and website reviews, marketing, ebooks, short stories and more. You can do ghost writing  for an author within this section.

9.) Entertainment – You can work with management firms, entertainment agencies, talent managers, producers and related positions within this category. The tasks include general administrative tasks, online research, planning, scheduling, creating proposals and contracts, newsletters and managing expenses.

10.) Sports – Part of the job is to do online research, managing databases for the past and current scoring of teams, make sports related content and online marketing. Some virtual assistants started organizing conferences, sell sports program and products, updating the website, PayPal reports and customer relationship calls.

11.) Legal – Every lawyer needs a legal assistant who can do the following:

  • Prepare wills, powers of attorney, corporate documents, agreements, legal forms, and court forms from precedents, digital dictation sent by .wav files, emails, and fax;
  • Attend at the court office to file documents;
  • Attend at adjournments and to set trial dates;
  • Liaise with Legal Aid and the Crown’s office;
  • Work on backlog in document production;
  • Prepare accounts;
  • Assemble the information (such as photos and documents) for evidence books;
  • Complete reporting letters and post-closing follow-ups using merge letters and a summary;
  • Highlight the duplicate asset purchase books and discoveries;
  • Transcribe the recording of meetings;
  • Attend at discoveries to take notes and to transcribe;
  • Answer forwarded phones, arrange for courier pickups and deliveries, make travel arrangements, and order supplies.

12.) Educational – This section refers to the ESL teachers and virtual assistant masters who offer online training. You can also target educational institutions, schools, and companies. Most of the tasks are pure teaching and some add administrative work in their repertoire.

13.) Bankruptcy – Virtual Bankruptcy assistants take care of everyday tasks like working with lawyers in filing bankruptcy forms, contracts and do online marketing for them. You can avail of training here.

14.) Human Resources – This field requires background in Human Resources. Having an experience is a plus. Most of the work done is hiring employees for the company, doing background checks, interviewing online using Skype, manage job postings, make newsletters and announcements.

15.) Sales – Virtual sales assistant do the following tasks:

  • assist with sales reports
  • schedule calls for the sales team
  • take hand written notes and log them into the crm software.
  • follow-up with the sales team to remind them to enter information into the crm.
  • conduct research on prospective customers.
  • listen to call and check log notes for your sales person to input into crm.
  • ensure the follow-ups scheduled at the right interval.
  • conduct research on cold and warm leads.

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