How To Enable Business Settings For Shopping On Instagram

Before you begin to enable Instagram Shopping, please check the Instagram Business Approval Requirements to know if you’re qualified. To check your eligibility for your country, check it here.

What to prepare?

  1. You need to have products catalog ready on your Facebook and Shopify store
  2. Convert Instagram Personal account to Business.
  3. Set your Facebook template to Shopping
  4. Connect your Instagram account from your Facebook page.
  5. Remove any connected Apps on your Facebook page from your Shopify App Store.
  6. Connect Shopify products to your Business Manager Catalog.

How does the approval start?

  1. Connect your Instagram to your Facebook page using Setting > Account > Linked Accounts
  2. Set your payment methods, you can find it under Settings select Payment.
  3. Check your account within 1-4 weeks.

Approval for Shopping on Instagram may take longer than you expected. Most retail stores get approved quickly. Foodservice and other services take at least 4 weeks or more. (I got mine in 6 weeks).

Make sure you do not change anything on your Instagram account, Facebook page, and Shopify Products Collection. Any change in the settings will push the review even further.

Got any questions about the process or need help? Contact me here.


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