Fineleatherworking is an ecommerce store hosted on OpenCart Shopping Platform. Tasks include General Virtual assistance, Pinterest and Instagram marketing, Audio Transcription, Email Management, WordPress and Aweber blog post, Customer Service Support and Photo Editing


Shopify Platform: Tasks include Product Listing Management, APP Configuration, Upload New Products.


Shopify Platform: Tasks include product uploads, product content and listing management.


Shopify Platform: Tasks include bulk product content and listing management (variants, keywords, tags, collection, meta info with SEO)


MiamiFur is an online ecommerce store for pet. The tasks I done for this company: Product management, Product Listings Updates, Inventory updates, Facebook Ad Campaign Marketing for Demographic and Target Market and Photo Edits.


I asked multiple people if they could do the complex work but none could (half didn't know what I even meant) but she knew exactly what to do and was very swift with the work. Highly recommend, will be using again for sure. thanks again 🙂

- TreeRoots, Owner

She was able to fix my query quickly and has a vast knowledge of the problem which she solved immediately. Excellent service.

- Animeaus, Owner

Since only general instructions and no specific instructions were given, She showed to be very creative and independent. We do want to continue our relationship. We believe we can grow together. Communications were quick, excellent and to the point.

- EmmaCarmen, Owner


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