Super Virtual Assistant: The Misconceptions

Different advertisements from job portals who have posting job requirements and qualifications seem to find someone who has it all. Call them “Super Virtual Assistants”. There are job posts indicating they are looking for Super VA’s for a low rate. Really? Is it possible for a virtual assistant to do everything for a low price? How would you interpret this?

The role of a virtual assistant does not stop at administrative duties. It goes far beyond making reports, back office management, and customer service. How far should an employer take a different perspective on hiring a virtual assistant that can match the job description? Can VA’s really do everything you tell them to do? Can Virtual Assistants demand the salary they want?

Look at the big picture, virtual assistants might know it all yet they do not possess all the skills.  They are good resourceful people who always learn and knows how to make things work. Yet low wage virtual assistants hardly have the expertise to do everything thoroughly. These are some misconceptions about them:

a) Expect perfection from a virtual assistant. Communicate instructions clearly to your virtual assistant. Use a productivity tool to organize tasks according to projects and dates.

b) Mismatch virtual assistant and employer. A good match would benefit the long-term relationship between employer and assistant.

c) The concept of multitasking. We are good in multi-tasking. However, we should know how effective it can help us finish the job.

d) Micro-managing your employee. Micromanagers give employees tasks to do and meddle by over analyzing every detail involved. This is not a good treatment. It seems they have no confidence in the assistant’s ability to do her tasks well. Try to focus on the results you want. Give your employee the freedom to do their jobs.

e) You get what you paid for. Hire a Super Virtual Assistant with low rates. Do not expect a lot. Do not expect quality and excellent results when you hire someone below the minimum wage.

When you hire, it is best to define your objectives, job descriptions and the tasks involved. Being a business owner and manager must realize that they need to listen to their employees. Get ideas on how to improve business.  Do not assume employees are there just to work for you. They have the expertise, experience, and the skill to help your business grow.

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