8 Effective Tools for the Virtual Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant definitely has its advantages. You can do the same job you otherwise be doing in the 9 to 5 office setting, in a flexible, adaptable environment. You can work the hours in the setting you want and, essentially, do the job you want to do. This opportunity can be beneficial. It exists the potential to help companies, organization, and people all across the world. Having said that, it is important to be properly equipped with the necessary tools to deliver best results for those companies and organizations that you are assisting. Whether you have just decided that you would like to take on this place, or already hold it and are looking for ways to improve, these tools are sure to help prepare you for best delivery throughout your daily tasks.

  1. Gmail – this email tool is one of the most effective of its kind. Not only is this email service reliable and used all over the world, but it is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and easy to organize. With this tool, you also have the option to use it with add-on apps that can help you manage an overflowing inbox.

  2. Freshbooks – this service is another extremely useful one for virtual assistants. This tool helps the user manage invoices and accounting all in one setting. With a variety of features, this app can be used to manage invoices, accounts, and financial matters for each and every one of your clients.

  3. Asana – this tool can help any virtual assistant stay organized and on top of the work responsibilities they must carry out for a variety of companies and/or organizations. Asana acts as an efficient project management software, with which several platforms can be created to keep track of what needs to be done for each client.

  4. WordPress – the WordPress website service can be useful for virtual assistants who wish to get their name out there. Easy to download, easy to use, and easy to navigate, this site can help clients find you and your services.

  5. PayPal – this service is great to use for virtual assistants and their clients. All that is needed is a valid credit card by the employer. You can accept a plethora of payments that are easy to receive and easy to track.
  6. Google Hangouts – this tool is a must for virtual assistants who have the need to collaborate with their respective teams. As a reliable and free service, this tool can be easily obtained through an already existing Gmail account. This service comes with the ability to have a phone call or face to face call with one or more people.

  7. DropBox – this tool is extremely useful for document sharing. With the use of this program, the client and you as the virtual assistant can share important documents, databases, and calendars.

  8. Grammarly – virtual assistant like yourself is required to write several emails a day for their client. Those emails should be professional and free from flaws. This tool can help you correct any grammar mistakes on the article you created. 

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