5 Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Getting Creative.

I remember my last article that was two months ago. I kept on reading it again and again until now. Then I realized, everything that I had created on this website made me realize my goal about getting creative. I had a lot of plans for my virtual assistant business. It did not happen within my expectations. I had really great concepts. None of them seem to register and challenge me to become better. I felt devastated! What now?

I had learned my lesson and own up to my personal fallacies. Let me give you five simple reminders about getting it done creatively.

One, it is about getting your ideas through. Creativity appears in different chances. I started with a vision to meet one goal of making 50 original articles. Yet I am still going there! I am not even finished.

Two, delaying plans. My biggest mistake in making my creative juices flow was delaying my plans for a better one. Talk about planning a project to perfection was a recipe for failure. I never started or finished because I postponed simple ideas for a perfect plan which never happen. So never put off any ideas that is not perfect enough for you.

Three, having too many ideas. The trick is to plan and execute one at a time. No person ever made several ideas successful by his own efforts.

Four, know how to inspire yourself during the process. My fault was I got accustomed to just bring my laptop and tablet on the table and start working. At the end, I felt burned out and less imaginative. I found out that walking long hours and running made me feel in control and improved my strategy.

Five, map out or draw your outline before you start so you will know the action plan. Envision the short-term and long-term effects of each idea. Never lose sight of the changes because every time you work out the steps. If it does not work, you have to revise your ideas over and over again.

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