Life-Changing High Expectations: Step-by-Step Guide

In the virtual assistant’s world, both employers and virtual assistants have to mismatch high expectations when it comes to acquiring skills, job requirements, work performance, and career stability. A virtual assistant does not put herself in a situation. Doing tasks for a boss who delegates everyday tasks. Unknowingly, he starts to think about not paying your once training starts.

To get the service you deserve. Think about your virtual assistant’s expectations. You can lay ground rules for your business. You fall short on giving job benefits to her. You are going to miss out on one thing that could make her happy. Here are common reasons:

a.) A VA can do everything perfectly without mistakes. VA’s are humans. We commit mistakes just like anyone else. We all have different ways of learning and coping. Adjust your standards when hiring someone from India or the Philippines. They may not be as aggressive like the Americans.

b.) Being able to read your mind. Employers duty is to communicate about hours of working, work leaves, salary, working days and rest days. Virtual assistants should tell their side too without limitations. An agreement is finalized before starting projects. 

c.) Not laying a good foundation for job contracts. As we all know, there are too good to be true jobs and scam jobs that offer great pay and commission. Yet they leave you feeling in the middle and not satisfied with the results. 

d.) The process of hiring and firing. Hiring a VA is not shopping and free. Don’t even think of hiring several virtual assistants and let them do work with you like they are supposed to be paid for the job they do. Train them, know your boundaries. 

As a start-up business owner, give yourself time to learn. Patience to admit your mistakes and grow from it. Never rely too much on what you know. Short-term goals are important aside from the long-term goals that you set for your business. Start reading, learning and educating yourself on becoming the great employer.


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