Shocking Truth About Being A Virtual Assistant

Working more than 8 hours a day is an expression of commitment to my job. To run a virtual job where you have to put more effort and hard work into it. I consider it as a profession and being accountable for myself. I learn that to be in this business. I have to be fully committed and be determined to go where my business would take me.

When I started my virtual path a few years ago, I thought it would still be the same like having a 9 to 5 job. I realized during my journey. There is no holding back about learning the future of being online. A lot of things could happen. I was not sure that I should be going in this direction. Because I constantly face being criticize of being in front of the computer all the time. Telling me that I should be doing what everyone else is following.

My encounter with several clients that I met online have tested my abilities to its fullest. I surprise at myself for being open-minded at what I cannot do. Be able to deliver great results for what they want. It was a revelation that this type of job could work for me. That people I listen to who view computer jobs for people who are not normal are wrong about the idea of being a home based assistant.

I got a full-time employer and I learn to love the life as a virtual assistant. They were wrong about the kind of job that would suit me. I was happy manage to work alone and being able to focus on my job. They added I could end up as a socially awkward person. Honestly, I was not. Besides my work, I also volunteer for teaching jobs and join networking. I appreciate the cycle of my obligations.

At the same time, I finished my teaching certification. Other things like having a few courses up my sleeve really help me to step up in the race. The situation engages me to be fully aware of my skills and capabilities. Not take them for granted and allow myself to learn in the process. My job inspires me to be exceptional at what I do. It made me appreciate that not every journey is a one size fits all plan.