Realizations for 2015

1. Respect is not to be ask. It is given freely.
2. As God’s chosen race, all of us are given different personalities and character. So we think and act differently.
3. Decisions are entirely not your own but other people as well. So learn to adjust.
4. This world is not your own. There are other species living in this planet that exists harmoniously.
5. Barking orders at others does not mean they are beneath you. If they have the opportunity to do that. They would do the same to you.
6. Doing everyone else’s job is not multi-tasking. Learn to share it without inhibitions.
7. This word became famous and powerful when modernization began, Condition.
8. Having a Family is God’s gift so learn to cherish it.
9. As we grow older, we learn to value our own priorities.
10. Rain does not only mean blessings. It also means cleansing. Cleansing of our hearts, mind, body and soul.

By: Ivy Jordan 1/4/2015

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