Bled ‘Till Dry

I opened my arms to reach
You hold me and I preach
You kissed my lips too long
Thinking I was never wrong

Just as I grab you tightly
My heart pound gradually
I never expected you accept me
The joy I felt, my brain says blindly

As days have passed
Time has tested us to last
But you left me waiting
My heart began wandering

Telling me lies and promises
You spoke of hate and vices
You have changed
I was amazed

Such emotion bound to fail
The resentment I never hail
Romance was gone
I was left unarmed

Finally you drift away
Longer than everyday
I realize about you and me
That we were not meant to be

My whole life I opened for you
Yet you consumed it and make me blue
My heart still longs your warmth
I realize I was never the only one

You talked as if I have done wrong
You masked what I did all along
Betrayal stabbed my heart
Words that linger set us apart

You lingered on and on
Myself that I love keep hoping on
Then I abruptly change ways
Loving myself more that stays

So I grab my heart on the ground
Pull it up so it can be found
The Love once you endeared
Now has gone and senses feared.

by Ivy Jane L. Jordan 11/4/2014

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