THE LONG POEM by Ivy Jordan

LOVE, you spell trauma
LOVE, worth the risk
LOVE, you challenge me
LOVE, how you hated me
LOVE, how you broke my heart
LOVE, endless words that tore me apart
LOVE, was ever so blind.
LOVE, I can’t take you off my mind.
LOVE, for someone who cares
LOVE, for someone who needs
LOVE, you make me believe
LOVE, you have left me deceived.
LOVE, torn between two worlds
LOVE, choices that I can’t unnerve.
LOVE, how you open my eyes
LOVE, of two worlds in disguise.
LOVE, shared both persons
LOVE, seem endless with no reasons
LOVE, each person has a story to tell
LOVE, chooses no person to fell.
LOVE, echoes in the night
LOVE, embraces me with all it’s might
LOVE, never conditional
LOVE, never superficial.
LOVE, for two souls destined to be.
LOVE, for two hearts united to be.
LOVE, unexpectedly
LOVE, unintentionally.
LOVE, it bears and bears as it grows
LOVE, it gets stronger as it blows.
LOVE, the warm feeling inside
LOVE, nothing more to hide
LOVE, exists within
LOVE, never gets in between
LOVE, another day away
LOVE, is stronger when you’re away
LOVE, can never justify
LOVE, you can never defy.
LOVE, what I truly believe
LOVE, that I long to receive.
LOVE, is what I ate
LOVE, is the reason of hate.
LOVE, the reason we make love
LOVE, means war have to stop.
LOVE, like the flowing water of the east
LOVE, the emotions that truly exists.
LOVE, to put away all fears.
LOVE, to put away all tears.
LOVE, worth fighting for
LOVE, the man I always adore.
LOVE, sorrowful but sweet
LOVE, everyone it pleases.
LOVE, nothing without commitment
LOVE, as a long engagement
LOVE, being so real
LOVE, you fairly deal.
LOVE, endures all pain
LOVE, it takes two to gain.
LOVE, for friends
LOVE, for parents.
LOVE, takes us to God
LOVE, teaches us what is beyond and of love
LOVE, sometimes taken for granted
LOVE, that we can be blinded.
LOVE, like an air that breathes in and out of your body.
LOVE, keeps you always happy.
LOVE, is also patience
LOVE, is also obedience
LOVE, for you beloved pet
LOVE, for every stranger you met.
LOVE, not for lust
But LOVE, is a heart’s must.
LOVE, always seeking
LOVE, one unique soul for keeping.
LOVE, is unseen
LOVE, is mostly red and green.
LOVE, fill with vibrant and life
LOVE, stabs every heart with sacrifice.
LOVE, makes you blind
LOVE, that is true and hard to find.
LOVE, the reason we exists
LOVE, lies beneath
LOVE, we can never please
LOVE, we like to squeeze
LOVE, just like a ball
LOVE, can have a great fall.
LOVE, can be victorious
LOVE, can be vicious
LOVE, in a box
LOVE, sly as a fox
LOVE, where eternity grows.
LOVE, where opportunity blows.
LOVE, we grow numb
LOVE, can never be undone.
LOVE, simply dangerous
LOVE, too much rendezvous
LOVE, in many places
LOVE, everyday
LOVE, for that’s what HE wants us to do
LOVE, to learn and feel what’s in our heart.

2004 Jordan Ivy Jane L.

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