10 Blogging Tips To Get Free Traffic

Blogging is one way to share our experiences and our knowledge. We are constantly faced with the issues of getting traffic to our blog. We all know that traffic is the life blood of any business. At any point, you may ask yourself “What am I doing wrong with my blog?”. You need to assess your blog using SEO metrics and its readability. 

If you’re getting started or you need more traffic to your blog. Read the tips below and apply them consistently. However, I cannot guarantee the number of visitors going to your blog. Follow the steps and you will be on your way.

  1. Leave genuine comments on other people’s blogs.
  2. Make it short and relevant to the topic you are commenting.
  3. Blog or write in a week. Everyday is not advisable.
  4. Write more about how you can help others. Not the way around.
  5. Provide resources for your readers.
  6. Share your content on social media.
  7. Develop the habit of linking and publishing posts to sites that will help you in a month.
  8. Optimize your blog for search engines.
  9. Make your content fresh, attractive and simple.
  10. Create content for guests post. Do guest posting on someone else’s site.

We all mistakes on our blog. You do not need to worry that you might end up as a failure. Every effort in getting traffic takes time. So do not be too hard on yourself. Work on one thing at a time.


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