8 Ways To Make Your Boss Happy

Making your boss happy is not easy. You have to gain his favor by doing tasks for him. The question is would he notice you are doing a good job at the office? What are your chances to get the recognition you want? You want a fool-proof ways on how to make him see your extra effort. How? 

Read the following checklist about tips on going out of your way to make them see you have the good employee vibe. 

1. When your boss gives you the entire day to do all the tasks. Give him a reason to smile. Being serious on the job has its benefits. Letting him see that you are actually enjoying what you do will put you in a good place.

2. Ask questions. Some employees chose not to ask questions. Observed your community, people avoid this to be labeled as unintellectual and weak. Personally, posing questions may help you in the long run. Be interested in becoming good at what you do.

3. Owning your mistakes. Employers can be forgiving and lenient. Learn from your mistakes. Seek personal methods or strategies to improve yourself. Do not rely too much upon on what you know. Or assume you know it all.

4. Be friendly and nice to your boss. When you are being friendly, they will reciprocate your nice gesture. It will make your business relationship with them effortless.

5. Communicate effectively. Communication is important in the workplace. It is two-way and not one-sided. If you do not understand what your boss is trying to tell you. Do not try to read between the lines. Ask politely and be specific.

6. Dress appropriately. In the workplace, it is advisable to look good, not slutty. Look corporate. No to overly revealing clothes. In the corporate world, looking at your best will help you gain an advantage while you do better on your job. When you work as a virtual assistant, there are some misconceptions that you can work in your pajamas. It does happen. Though I would not recommend it. It gives you lack of preparation and the feeling of laziness. Dress appropriately even as a virtual assistant. It will boost your productivity, confidence and improve your habits.

7. Do your work on time. It is perfectly safe to assume that all employers do check your working hours. Even when your boss says you can work anytime you want. Follow this rule: Set a specific time for your work. Delegate your time will benefit you. When you change hours, please do not forget to remind your boss. You can have extra time with your kids, your wife or husband, your extracurricular activities or even time for yourself.

8. Be an example. We are not perfect. We are only humans. By letting him see that you’re responsible and accountable, they will learn to trust you.

Our attitude at the workplace always determines our daily disposition. Whether you work at the office with other people or work as a virtual assistant. You need to apply what makes a good performance. You may meet mistakes which are a part of the learning process. Try not to personally take in harsh remarks. They maybe a good thought to ponder. Still you need to keep an open mind to move forward and do your job well.

Updated IJJ2016

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