Thoughts To Ponder This 2015

1. Do not treat anyone as your subjects. We are all human. We have our own rights.
2. 2015 is not the year for Pride. Pride kills everything, Love instead.
3. Let there be leniency, love and learning. Open your minds and grow slowly.
4. Be merry not be haughty.
5. Forgive and forget.
6. Take time to deliberate what makes you happy.
7. Be not a slave to your own sins. Open your heart and mind. Learn from it.
8. Take time to reach out and talk to your family and friends.
9. Take time to respect other people’s decisions. Do not force them to change it. Not unless they want to
10. Communicate. Unspoken words influence us negatively. Speak and you shall be heard.

To God be the glory.

Copyright by Ivy Jordan 1/2/2014

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