The Power of Thank You

Real life situations can be selfish. People who deserve appreciation are sometimes neglected. In the workplace, we often not take notice of how we say “thank you” can make big changes to the way we work. Even in the virtual workforce, we do not seem to value the power of thank you. There are reasons we do not reciprocate everyone’s efforts. Maybe we do not care. Probably we do not say it much because it does not matter.  

The effect of saying thank you will help boost your mood and attitude. Letting them know if they doing great on their tasks will make a difference on their productivity at work. It is one way of appreciating them and reciprocating their efforts. It gives you a boost of confidence. It makes you feel accepted. You must form a habit by thanking everyone whether you know them or not.  

The virtual workplace can be lonely and isolating. Being sensitive to their needs can make them happy. Do take the initiative if you are the employer, employee, supervisor or the virtual worker. It does not take much effort to make someone’s day good. Small efforts do count. Make it a habit to be grateful each day. You do not need to think too much. It is a simple act that makes you a better person. The bright side of working together will produce positive results in how you react to people who says thank you.

Have you said thank you to the first person who help you today? You should start now. You should motivate yourself to take extra effort. This habit makes you sincere without expecting anything in return. Saying it allows other people to respond “You’re Welcome”. That is the power of thank you. 

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