10 Free Online Classes To Improve Your Virtual Assistant Skills

Upgrading your virtual assistant skills really helps you to survive. You live in a world where nothing is constant. Everything is changing. You see where office workers are becoming home based. More small and big companies are hiring virtual workers up to now. It has become a trend to hire a virtual assistant for many purposes.

Improving your skills is important. You have to teach yourself and never assume what you know is the best. You need to find the top resources to go to the next level. The best way to learn is taking advantage of free online classes.  You can learn them anywhere you are and when you have time. Lastly, improve your résumé too.

To get you started, here are 10 free online classes you can take now:

1.) Alison – Diploma in Customer Service. The online diploma helps you to focus on delivering excellence in customer service and car. Its certification course is ideal for you who wants to learn how to implement good customer service.

2.) Social Media 101 – Social Media Quickstarter. The videos organize in this course are for social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google, Youtube, Snapchat , and Blogging.

3.) GCFLearnFree – The online tutorials in this site are for anyone who needs to know more about the technical side in using Microsoft Office 2016 Programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and Powerpoint.

4.) MOOEC – This site helps you to learn English with a lot of free resources for you to choose. You can learn by difficulty, choose beginner, intermediate and advanced. You can also learn by function.

5.) Udemy – Learn Basic Accounting. The purpose of this lesson is to educate you about handling finances as a freelancer and a self-employed virtual employee. Learning basic accounting equips you to become knowledgeable on areas that other people usually neglect. You do not have to be a master to handle your finances and taxes. You need to be accountable for your actions.

6.) Udemy – Power Writing. One of the most important skills you need to posses is your ability to write an article or a blog post. The internet works using content in any possible ways. The best action for you to take is to learn all about content writing, style and the process. You can specialize using content writing as one of your main services.

7.) Alison – English Writing. Another great free lesson for you to take. Learn about the different styles in content writing.

8.) Copyblogger – Content Marketing. Learning how to market your content is essential to any business who wants to gain leads and customers. Make sure you sign up on their content series and practice every once in a while. Learn by doing. Practice makes perfect.

9.) Google – Digital Marketing Course. Everyday small to large corporations are looking for ways to increase their customer interactions online. The role of digital marketing is to help companies analyze and evaluate their statistics online. From search and display advertising, mobile, social, analytics and video techniques. All are necessary to make your business successful.

10.) Canva- Graphic Design Tutorials. What you see on the web is the creation of the imagination. From websites to content, every aspect of the internet needs creativity. The purpose of graphic design is to help you build images and graphics that will help attract people to your site. Graphics allows you to express yourself. It also serves any purpose you want to reach.