10 Reasons You Should Become A Virtual Assistant

Let us dig deeper and find reasons you become a virtual assistant. Not everybody can handle learning multiple skills. The right experience takes more than passion and commitment. You have reasons why you want to become one. You need a job, money and a way to balance your work, family and personal  life. Or you cannot handle working with people who are into office politics. Dislike the long commute. You are better off working alone. There are many reasons you should consider of becoming a virtual assistant.

I asked several virtual assistants and come up with a list why they choose to become a virtual assistant. In no particular order, I sum up the top 10 reasons they gave me.

  1. Most married women tell me being one allows them to manage their time with family. Managing time with work, kids and family are the number one reason. Part of the result are the single parents and single women who made up at least 4%. Their number one reason is to make time for everything they do.
  2. Getting rid of distractions of commuting  and travelling long hours to work.
  3. Make more money as compared to a 9 to 5 job which offers a fix or hourly income in pesos.
  4. Travel more.
  5. Be in control of expenses.
  6. For medical reasons
  7. For health reasons
  8. Have more opportunities and skills to grow.
  9. Be more flexible in managing time and other business opportunities.
  10. Explore the career options who are in the administrative and secretarial field.

Find the purpose to be a part of the virtual community that helps you to excel in your niche. It is not all about money. It takes passion and commitment to be able to find the resources you need. You also need to connect with the community for guidance and directions. Use the internet resources to your advantage and never stop learning.


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