Life of a Virtual Assistant (Featured on

I am honored to be featured on “A Day in the Life of a Virtual Assistant”. I never thought of being interviewed by one of the most highly sought-after digital entrepreneurs, Matt Bowd. His drive to get into the digital business that is people focused and dedicated to good quality service.  Those words that made me think that getting to the next level is possible.

Competition is tough. When you’re helping people to get where they are, speak volume about who you are and what you do for a living. It is a positive and uplifting experience for someone like me who has gone through ups and downs all my years of finding my true calling.

I tell people what I do for a living. Somehow, the responses I get can be varied. I get questionable looks, invalidating and sometimes positive feedback. I understand that not all people are acquainted with the virtual industry. It is a reassuring experience to be a part of the digital world.

Knowing each journey I have gone through, has made me what I am today. Not following the traditional route to success has made me aware of the possibilities that are out there for me as a virtual assistant.

Read more about me at this link.  Let me know what you think. 

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