Top 10 Popular Social Media Sites


As a virtual assistant, we always live to learn how social media sites work to our advantage. Not only virtual assistants benefit from these sites also small and large businesses.

Before you start your marketing plan, check my top 10 popular social media sites:

  1. Facebook – You can open a page for business, store by Shopify and use Facebook marketing tools and analytics.
  2. Pinterest – With such growth of users and the demand of buyable pins (since holidays are near). This social media site captured my attention with its amazing image based pins.
  3. LinkedIn – This site offers professional network connections where you can find a job that is related to your field.
  4. Twitter – Marketing using Twitter is diverse. You can post text and image based ads right away.
  5. Google Plus – I like Google plus because Google have a lot of applications and programs you can use. Like Blogger, Gmail, Google Analytics, Google Keyword Tool, Google Drive, Google documents and more. It is suitable for webtrepreneurs who wants to have one programs with lots of added benefits.
  6. Instagram – You can post an image or a video. Some business owners manage to use Instagram to their own advantage by selling their products using the marketing tools.
  7. Tumblr – You can use this site to blog and post your own articles, images and videos.
  8. Youtube – I place this 8th because I have not tried to make my own videos (soon). Create and use videos for personal or business use.
  9. Flickr – You want a place to upload and share you photos this site is for you.
  10. Reddit – You can submit content, connect with people, market your business or you are looking for answers to specific topics. This site if for you.

The basis for my ranking is not according to online statistics. I rank it according to my own use. I hope you find this useful. Remember, use the social media site that will work to your advantage.



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