IF by Ivy Jordan

If I could fulfill my destiny
I would thank all the people who help me
If I would choose between love or money
I choose love for it cannot be bought
If I could find my true love
I would never let him go
If I can see my future
I would never have to make wrong decisions
If I could see heaven
Then I would never worry what it looks like
If I could change the world
I would start to campaign peace and harmony
If I can help the oppressed people
I would extend my limits & help them in any way
If I can live life freely
Then I can do all the things I think is right
If I could live my life all over again
I'll correct my wrongs to right
If I have more money than anyone else
Then I would share some to the poor
If I have express my love to my parents
I would never regret each day pass before us
If I can tell my friends I miss them
I would tell them if only they were here
If I could develop my talents
I wouldn't be shy to show it to the world
If I can travel to places I like
I would go to every country I like
If I can do all things at the same time
I hope I have more time to do them at once.

Posted: 2005-12-02 04:16:28 UTC

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