5 Reasons You Should Advertise Your Services

Being new to the virtual assistant industry can have different benefits. One of the reasons why I like to do more in this industry is not because of its financial and freedom of time. I have compiled 5 reasons for a virtual assistant who is new in this territory.

1. Advertising your services to free sites like Craigslist or Facebook can help you get additional clients and have that extra money you wanted.

2. If you want to aim for a particular niche, free sites might not be for you. There are virtual assistants or organizations that acquires their clients through a particular program. An example for this is the Google Ads Program. You can even find sites like Fiverr to advertise your virtual assistant skills and services for $5. A good way for start ups to make a name. It helps you in finding that client you have always wanted. It will open to new opportunities that will help you learn more skills.

3. It will help you connect and network to people who are experts in their field. When you connect to these professionals, they may even provide you some advice for your business. Whether you connect with them online or offline. As a virtual assistant, you should not be confine to the mere idea that your tasks is to do everything online. Advertising yourself to other people even your friends will be an advantage. Learn to reach out and help a friend in need.

4. Telling people what you do for a living may influence their decision to follow you. It is not just only friends but also acquaintances. There are individuals who are looking to augment their income. Or individuals who have work but are not happy in their chosen career. These individuals may connect with you and will ask for your help if they want to learn about being a virtual assistant. The rewards are two way and it is much better to be involve with several people than doing it alone.

5.  Advertise by using a blog. When you start as a virtual assistant and you get more clients by the week or by month. You can start on your virtual business presence by making a free blog hosted by WordPress or Blogger. Sometimes a client will ask for your blog address to check your previous work. This could land you another project for short term or long term purposes.


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