10 Things I Love And Hate About Being A Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant myself, we are always the front runners of our business. Even if we operate individually or in a team there are always the love and hate list of the job we currently do.

Here are my list of love and hate reasons about being a Virtual Assistant. So I list 5 reasons I love being a virtual assistant and 5 reasons I hate it.

Read my first 5 Reasons I love being a virtual assistant:

1. I love my working hours because it gives me time to do other tasks.

2. No dress code.

3. No office gossip, bickering and politics. Working for yourself or a virtual has a lot of benefits like doing business as usual and not relying on emotions all the time.

4. Work anywhere I go when there is internet service.

5. Great pay. As a virtual assistant, you are paid depending from where your client is located. If your client is located in the US, you are paid in dollars.

To continue here are my 5 reasons I hate being a virtual assistant:

6. Working anytime can be misunderstood. Virtual assistants are like 9-5 employees. Once they (Family or Friends) knows about how flexible your time. They might abuse the idea of getting your attention anytime.

7. Constant distractions from home and the environment wherever I go. I want to focus on my tasks. Sometimes I get distractions from noises and people all around me.

8. Balancing work, house work, dog and people duties. You might think it is easy but it is not.

9. Not dressing up routinely. Sometimes I forget that I should treat my virtual tasks like an actual work.

10. No time limit. I learned that if I do not log in in my hours. I could lose money, focus and not being able to manage my time well.


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