Hiring A Super Virtual Assistant

As I come across different advertisements from job portals, employers who are posting job requirements and qualifications seems to be in the “All in One”. I read job posts indicating they are looking for Super VA’s for a rate they want. The question is will they found one who will be willing? Not everyone will give in.

Taking a different perspective from the virtual world. Can VA’s really do everything you tell them to do? It seems such a big responsibility. A lot of tasks for a virtual assistant who probably do not have all the experiences on the skills required. So you might end up training her for a week or so.

Looking at the big picture, if I would be an employer. Giving all the tasks in my company to one person, a know it all and resourceful person. Would I give in to such demand? Would I be able to learn those accessory skills that I do not even know about. My answer is No. For me it is too risky to train them for long term or short term. Even though they are invested in the business. Having one assistant to do it all is a dead end idea.

As a virtual assistant, I would feel I may need to delegate the tasks to an assistant or even hire another person to do the tasks for me. The concept is doing multi tasking and micro managing at the same time.

Here comes the what ifs, delegating tasks are good only if they being monitored. Try to raise questions for yourself and see how you would go about it. If you are not sure where you are going. Try to understand from my what if perspectives.

What if she is a beginner. So two weeks training might not be worth it. She knows a few tasks but not experienced on some programs. Clearly she needs your help. With guidance, you are on your way to success.

What if your hired Virtual Assistant suddenly changes career. The way of the world is unpredictable especially if your VA do not see growth and potential in the VA industry. She will take off and say goodbye.

What if she gots bored of the usual routine just being infront of the computer all the time. So you need to understand how your VA plans her time. Know what makes her happy.

What if you train her on difficult tasks and she does not get it on the first few days. Are you going to ditch her for not knowing? Be realistic and be sensitive to your VA. They may work like robots. They are only human.

What if your high expectations are hurting her chances to be good at something. Do you have the patience to be with her when times get rough. Build up those questions fast.

What if your budget is too low for the skills you are looking for. Experience virtual assistants do not go down to the price you set for them. The only people who want to go down your level are the ones who do not know it all.

There are a lot of what if’s and I could go on with the list. Suppose I can do the deliberation process for the employers and virtual assistants alike. Pinpointing the mistakes for them could practically improve their relationship.

IJJ May 1, 2015

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