Top 11 Google Apps To Use On Your Virtual Assistant Business

Starting your virtual assistant business? Are you equip with tools that will help you to succeed? Novice business owners sometimes discover that not all tools are design to what you really need. Only to know most of them does not fit your business goals. Looking at the big picture, you realize that using complicated applications may not work at all. You would end up missing action goals and priorities which depletes your resources over time.

Being consistent reaching your business objectives requires simplicity and efficiency of the tools. When I started my own virtual assistant business, I realize that the right programs will help me to progress easily. Having a lot of programs to use can be overwhelming. That is why there is a need to use a program easily.

To get ahead with the rest of the virtual business, use the following tools and learn how it helps you to follow through on your plans.

  1. Gmail – It works great for desktop, laptop and on a mobile device. It is easy to use, a good way to organize your email campaigns and connect with your audience. It is Free and sync to several other Google products.
  2. Google Docs – It is like a word processor. The difference between Microsoft Office and Google docs is that Microsoft Office covers a lot of complicated functions while Google docs offers a simple approach. For me, it is easier to use when I am on the go especially opening it on my tablet.
  3. Google Spreadsheet – It is like a simplified Microsoft Excel. The good thing about this app is that it covers every spreadsheet function and be able to open it anywhere using my Gmail account.
  4. Google Drive – The best app I would recommend to anyone. Using this tool made me realize that I can access my files wherever I am. It can store pictures, audio, videos, documents, spreadsheets and presentations. I never have to print documents and send them to my clients. All I have to do is to send them a share link of the file, share the access and its done. It is very simple to use.
  5. Google Site – Based on experience, the use of this program allows me to have my own website. It has superior and simple features that will allow you to edit your website and use themes or templates according to your use. The instructions are straightforward and less complicated compared to other site maker.
  6. Google Cloud Print – A modern way to print your documents that is offer wireless printing solutions to your web connected devices like mobile phone, laptop, tablet and PC. You don’t need to have a printing machine that you can bring anywhere with you. As long as you have internet connection, you can print anything.
  7. Blogger – Stand out by blogging. That is the use of Blogger. Another great tool to start your own personal or business blog. It has features that can help you to customize and accept domains of your choice. It is free and connected to your Gmail account.
  8. Google + – Need to network with industry professionals and groups? You can find some of them here. Just like any social media tool, Google + works well as a sharing tool for business and personal use. It can help you to build your own community or groups. It keeps you in loop with other people you want to connect with.
  9. Google Apps for Work – Mainly for business who wants to have their own domain connect to several Google Apps for business use. For example, sync domain emails to the Gmail service. Connect several programs using just one domain. This can be complicated since it will require permissions and some updates to the site connecting to Google.
  10. Google Adsense – Free service and you can make money using this program by placing ads on your website.
  11. Google Calendar – Another way to record and plan your schedule. Personally, I like this feature because I can connect it to my phone. One way for me to track my schedule and  organize tasks weekly.